How to Build a Super web-site

Technics to build a ” super” company web site 

First – Get a strong domain

with some alternatives for support 


1- build a sexy web site 

    Great execution site

    Fantastic taste of details

    Very clear for what you want !

    Keep it simple , match the offline!

Watch the web line offers!

 Upgrade daily ! No matter the costs!

2- come to TOP in Google

3- get a high conversion rate

4- increase sales on-line and off-line too

5- Fulfilment is Everything !

6- but keep it simple 

stas network logo
7- apply the off line sales

and infos daily too

8- justify every dollar you spend!

9- listen to customers first ,

experts later…

10- react to current trends

positively and integrated into site

11- adapt to customers marketing trends

per type and interests

12- PPC Advertising is very important

13- organise listings all the time


14- Crazy Promotions!

kill the price, but do it nice!

15- react fast at customers

recommendations , VVI

16- 3rd parties involvements.

You don’t know everything!

17- returns policy must be Quick and simple

-this is a cost of doing business!

18- build Brand Identity

on-line all the time 

19- increase traffic

by any methods! All the time!

20- Supply & Demand

– the basic of sales! Also online …


21- DON’T Be Naive! be INVENTIVE!

22- e-mails Marketing

– as many is possible but not as spam or boring 

23- change the look

with every important dates and events!

24-  Make it to be Remembered!


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