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Dear Ladies and Sirs,

Being part of the entertainment business for past 30 years I had experienced good and bad events at this time.

The dramatic event from Last October from Las Vegas remember me of the similar criminal act from 2016 in Colectiv Club in Bucharest when a criminal fire killed 60 persons and injured another couple of hundreds.

During past years the criminal acts at entertainment events around the world increase in number and volume and over all the why, who and how questions, a single fact remains the same” The fans, who make artists stars, have to suffer the most” and after that their’s families and friends. My first lesson as a future promoter and event manager from my mentor was – “The safety and the insurance of the participants at the event must to be Number 1 on my priorities list!”. And it was since then.

I didn’t saw any tickets where “the buyer” has a life policy insurance or a medical one coming with the ticket purchasing. It’s a common one in other fields!

Why? Because this will increase the cost of the event or because the “so-called promoters” don’t know or don’t care about the ones who put money in their pockets! I wasn’t loved in the industry because I was more careful about the fans and the artists than the producers …

Another very important element appears in all these events – The police and first responder forces have no real contacts and control “inside” the events locations and they mostly try to cover the outside of the premises.

The protection and the preventions are mandatory now more than ever that in the after-intervention …They always do their best and they face every time different worst-case scenarios.  We are living now in a world where we have to work on building a better safety strategy for the fans and the participants at the events of all kind. We have to face the terror, the madness, the problems, the frustration of most individuals caught in ” the dark side of the force”.

In my professional opinion, the promoters and the producers of the artistic events must be more responsible for the security of the fans during the events and must work and solve the 21st-century need for bringing together thousands of fans for their benefit…

We are at the moment where we have to look more at the people and less at the money!

In the entertainment business, The Fans are the most important after that the artists and at last the managers …. without the fans the other two were not be known.

To bring our respect and gratitude to the fallen fans and injured ones physically and mentally I was working for past three months to a one of the first “Symphony in memory” for the fans around the world!

We had just finished an album dedicated to ALL THE FANS AROUND THE WORLD and is a MEMORIAL for the fallen fans in the Vegas Shooting event in last October and being Romanians we had in mind also the ones who died burned and suffocated at Colectiv Club in Bucharest.

With this event, we propose to start a Movement called VEGAS MUSIC STRONG for promoting the young artists and to develop a better protection for the fans at the artistic events in LAS VEGAS and worldwide. The future actions will be done with the participation of TERRAONE Foundation and we hope to have a support from all parts involved in the entertainment business in Las Vegas which in our opinion is THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

For this action, the support from media is very important and we hope that the discussions will pass the “looking for the quilt and blame” and will focus more on the supporting the ones in need to move forward with their pain and developing better ways for the security of the events in Las Vegas!

In this project were involved some artists from Romania and from the USA and we had working hard to come up with “a story of the event, pain, dreams and future” of Las Vegas.

I hope you will enjoy the album and after The great VEGAS STRONG Movement started after the criminal event, the entertainment business of Las Vegas needs a VEGAS MUSIC STRONG Movement too.

We congratulate and we are next to the First Responders, the Supporters of any kind and everyone who was close to this tragic event.


“We’re still here and we’re not going anywhere!

I’m strong, we’re strong, VEGAS STRONG!”



Mr.Florin SUCIU
President, CEO